Missions and values

As the central body for information about training for the past thirty years, the INFPC is ready to apply its professionalism, interest and empathy to accompanying you in your training-related procedures.

Our current missions are aimed at:

  • providing easy access to information about lifelong learning
  • promoting lifelong learning within the Grand Duchy's economic and social fabric
  • providing information for businesses applying for financial aid from the State for training
  • preparing analysis documents and training plans, and accompanying businesses applying for financial aid from the State for training
  • carrying out and organising studies designed to contribute to improving the education and continuing vocational training system

The INFPC was created in 1992 at a time when the Government was keen to emphasise the growing importance of continuing vocational training for the Grand Duchy's economic and social development. Over the years, its scope has adapted to the changing socio-economic context and it has become a component part of the national model for education and lifelong learning.

The National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training (Institut National pour le Développement de la Formation Professionnelle Continue - INFPC) is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.


The missions of the INFPC fall into three main areas of activity.

INFPC organisation chart

lifelong-learning.lu, the national portal for life-long training, lists more than 12.000 training courses, and provides full information about training-related aid and schemes.

The State supports the training effort of businesses by offering aid in funding their training plans - this is the co-funding scheme for company training.

The INFPC's Training Observatory carries out studies and analyses of company training, the offer of training providers, and the study on the transition from school to work (Transition École-Vie Active - TEVA).

The aim of the communication activities of the INFPC is to increase the visibility of its activities and promote lifelong learning among all the target groups concerned.

The INFPC provides the coordination of ReferNet Luxembourg, a branch of the European network of reference and expertise in vocational education and training run by the Cedefop.

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The INFPC was created by an Act of 1 December 1992; it is managed by a Council of Administration whose members are representatives of the public sector and the professional chambers, in equal numbers.

Its members, appointed by the Council of Government for a three-year term of office, deliberate on the general policy and strategic guidelines of the INFPC.


Véronique Schaber, Vocational Training Service of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

Government Commissioner

Elisabeth Gieres, Ministry of Education, Children and Youth


Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

  • Véronique Schaber
  • Christian Buchler
  • Tom Müller (alternate)
  • Françoise Chotro (alternate)

Ministère des Finances

  • Elisabeth Modert

Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de l'Économie sociale et solidaire

  • Nadine Welter
  • Claude Tremont (alternate)

Ministry of the Economy


  • Laurence Tock
  • Raoul Schaack (alternate)

Classes moyennes

  • Laurent Solazzi
  • David Heinen (alternate)

Chamber of Trades (Chambre des Métiers)

  • Marc Gross
  • Gilles Walers (alternate)

Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de Commerce)

  • Muriel Morbé
  • Sylvia Ridlesprige (alternate)

Chamber of Employees (Chambre des Salariés)

  • Françoise Schmit
  • Carlo Frising
  • Jeannine Kohn (alternate)
  • Claude Cardoso (alternate)

Chamber of Civil Servants and Public-Sector Employees (Chambre des Fonctionnaires et Employés Publics)

  • Robert Bohnert
  • Claude Heiser (alternate)

Chamber of Agriculture (Chambre d'Agriculture)

  • Jean-Pierre Schmitz
  • Josiane Walentiny (alternate)

The team

The 17-strong team at the INFPC will be happy to deal with all your questions on training.

Are you looking for a course to build on your talents, or to develop your team's skills? Do you want to find out about the aid schemes available for carrying out your project and keeping on-trend in terms of training?

Please feel free to contact us.

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Key figures

date the INFPC was created
the number of people working for the development of lifelong learning
the number of training providers that are members of the digital platform at lifelong-learning.lu
the number of training courses listed on the lifelong-learning.lu platform
the number of young people who have recently completed initial vocational training monitored since 2009 under the TEVA study scheme
the proportion of employees in the Grand Duchy
benefiting from aid for company training
the number of applications for co-funding
for training processed each year

Annual reports

The INFPC publishes an annual report each year, offering a retrospective analysis of its activities.

  • Rapport Annuel de l'INFPC 2023 (PDF, 5489Kb)
  • Rapport Annuel de l'INFPC 2022 (PDF, 1047Kb)
  • INPFC Annual Report - 2021 (PDF, 8289Kb)
  • INPFC Annual Report - 2020 (PDF, 1659Kb)
  • INPFC Annual Report - 2019 (PDF, 1813Kb)
  • INPFC Annual Report - 2018 (PDF, 1269Kb)
  • INPFC Annual Report - 2017 (PDF, 3292Kb)
  • INPFC Annual Report - 2016 (PDF, 11234Kb)