INFPC's commitment

The INFPC, which manages the website, is committed to doing its utmost to concentrate its efforts on:

  • maintaining access to all of the services offered on the website,
  • spreading reliable and relevant information,
  • protecting the personal data in its possession in order to prevent loss, falsification or transfer to unauthorised third parties.

Limitation of liability

The INFPC shall be in no way liable for:

  • The use made of the information contained in the pages published on this website. Content is provided for information purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between the material published on this website and the original documents, only the official documents as published in the "Mémorial" or any other official publication shall apply.
  • The content, including the photos and videos, advertisements, products, services or any other material available on or from external websites or sources that are accessible by way of links on this website.
  • Damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from the impossibility of use or access or any loss related to the information available on this website, regardless of the origin of the harm caused.
  • Damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from the interpretation and/or usage of the information available on this website. The modification, suspension or interruption, whether temporary or permanent, of the services on the website.

The purpose of these non-liability clauses is not to bypass the requirements set out by the applicable legislation, nor to exclude liability in cases in which it cannot be excluded by virtue of the said legislation.

Intellectual property rights

The appearance and content of this site (text, graphical elements, images, photographs, video and sound content, etc.) together constitute a work protected by current intellectual property laws.

The reproduction, use or exploitation of the photographs, images, texts, videos, database extracts, graphic design elements and as a general rule of any item published on this website is prohibited without the prior agreement of the originator. Any failure to comply with this prohibition shall constitute forgery, which may lead to the civil or criminal liability of the party responsible being incurred.

Processing of personal data

The INFPC, the national institute for the development of continuing vocational training, collects and uses personal data in the context of its tasks.

Data is processed in compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ("the GDPR") and the Law of 1 August 2018 on the organisation of the National Commission for Data Protection and the general data protection scheme.

More information about the INFPC's policy on the protection of personal data

Reserved rights

The INFPC reserves the right to:

  • alter or correct the content of this website at any time, without notice;
  • suspend or close a registrant's or subscriber's account if their Internet use infringes a law, a regulation, or public order.

Image use rights

The images used on this website are the property of the INFPC or their respective originators. These images may not be used on another website or medium without permission.

Photographer and illustrator credits

The photographs used on this site are covered by Unsplash licence. Unsplash grants irrevocable, non-exclusive, global copyright licence to download, copy, alter, distribute, display and use Unsplash photographs free of charge, including for commercial purposes, without authorisation or mention of the photographer or Unsplash.