Companies, individuals and training providers -
the INFPC is at your disposal, ready to assist you in
your procedures related to lifelong learning.

+ 12K
training courses
+ 2K
co-funded each year
+ 10K

State aid for companies training their employees

Chamber of Commerce: 11.03.2024 in French  |  18.03.2024 in Luxembourgish
Chamber of Trades:     20.03.2024 in French  |  27.03.2024 in Luxembourgish

A further route for gaining a formal qualification based on professional and personal experience

25.03.2024 in Luxembourgish
28.03.2024 in French

To develop your skills, change your job, or boost your career

13.05.2024 in Luxembourgish
06.05.2024 in French

How to become a member of and present your training courses

18.04.2024 in French

The INFPC is responsible for the coordination of ReferNet Luxembourg,
a branch of the European network of reference and expertise in vocational education and training